Andrew Bracken &*
Documentary-based media artist whose work seeks to bridge the gap, however slightly, between art and everyday life. Awarded of Creative Catalyst Fellowship from the San Diego Foundation and has received support from Latino Public Broadcasting and KPBS, among others.

Select Projects
My First Day
Podcast & public radio series for KPBS. What's the story of your first day?
Facing North (series)
Documentary video series exploring relationship between San Diego & Tijuana distributed by PBS and Latino Public Broadcasting.
The 2 Eyes, the Nose, and the Mouth
Audio documentary exploring an artistic life. Featured in the San Diego Art Institute's 2016 Southern California/Baja Biennial.
Facing North (film)
Documentary film exploring relationship between San Diego & Tijuana. Winner of 2017 San Diego Film Award.
Band Name Project
Micro-content documentary project about the story behind band names. Coming soon.
To the Other Side
Documentary short about an American who deserted the U.S. army and settled in East Germany during the height of the cold war.
Personal documentary sound piece made from voice mail messages & original sound effects recordings. Appeared on sound art compilation alecricity 3.

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